Things to do in the Philippines

The package holiday.


The package holiday is exactly what it says. It can be individual or as a group, but somehow you are restricted as to what you can or cannot do. It all depends on what is in the package. A lot of them are organised with the Japanese tourist in mind. That means lots of travel, many places to see, but hardly any time to spend where you are going. By the time you get home, you are ready for a holiday, even if just to take in all the things you have tasted but not really seen.


The do-as-you-like holiday.


If you have the time and can take the effort into planning your own holiday you could end up with more then you bargained for. (you may have to come back for more) There is such a wide assortment of hotels to choose from, so many resorts to go to, so many action adventures to do, that it would cover years of holiday to do them all. Furthermore it will give you the opportunity to take the airline of choice, with or without possible stopovers, do the things you want to do when YOU want to do them and combine different things to do.



To give you some ideas on what to do, we will cover a few in the section below.


Beach resorts and beaches


With all the hustle and bustle of the city or the city life let me remind you that the Philippines has some of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world. Lots of visitors (regular business travelers) come to the Philippines and end-up coming back to retreat to the magnificent beaches and beach resorts.


The amazing glittering white sandy beaches, the clear blue sky and crisp crystal-clear water etc. To top it all the wonderfull greeneries and the untouched nature, that you will timelessly walk through are spectacular. The beauty of it all is an experience of a lifetime. There is a wide variety of choices and options to cater for your individual wants and needs. This is the reason why it attracts such a multitude of visitors.


When you blend beauty, flair and a mixture of the tropics you will need time to take it all in. But the time needed gives you the opportunity to relax, and relish your time of fun and leisure aimed to challenge your mind and body.


Here you will find some links to beach resorts




Beach resorts on Bohol



Beach resorts on Boracay Island



Beach resorts on Palawan



This is just a pick of the bunch, there are many more and as you can see, some of them have spectacular golfcourses to complement the beaches.

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