Barangay Alpaco has a total population of 4028 according to the latest census.



Alpaco Barangay Hall and Medical Center


The barangay of Alpaco consists of the following 20 puroks:

Sagrada A

Sagrada B

Sebud A

Sebud B

Sebud C

Bugnay A

Bugnay B

Asyang A

Asyang B

Asyang C

Banaba A

Banaba B

Banaba C

Banaba D

Cueva A

Cueva B

Cueva C

Huybesan A

Huybesan B

Huybesan C


The main scource of revenue in Alpaco is Agriculture


Alpaco has 2 schools.


Alpaco Elementary School


Alpaco National Highschool

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