Bybie Reveales

Even Though Bybie is no longer with us we have decided to keep her memory alive by publishing her recepes.



Recipes were passed from one generation to the next by word of mouth, and each family had its own variant of a recipe, and so the range of seasonings, bases, fillings and toppings is almost endless. My fare of cooking is very much a rural way “country cooking” with a rural touch by using free range eggs from our own chickens and organic vegetables that we produce from our own backyard for our own consumption. The lure of my kitchen is very irresistible according to people close to my heart. You do not have to be academic in cooking, for me it is fun and I love doing it, because, food is culture and all that goes with it. I do not think cooking is an addiction, but for me it is a physical need to be in the kitchen if you have a family to feed, and it became a passion, a destiny of creating and making new recipes and trying food combinations. The act of cooking and sharing food to others connects me to nature. It is one of my simplest way to feel useful and being open to share new ideas to others and to learn and to find new things in life which gives me a lot of satisfaction. You don’t need to have a precocious taste or a perfectionist either.






Below are some easy chosen recipes for anyone to try that do not involved lengthy preparations. It is easy - to – prepare and the most of the ingredients are already in your cupboard. Economizing of food which compromising on nutrition of flavor is not as difficult as it may seem. But, sometimes with busy lifestyles, we intend to make use of a few convenience ingredients to economize or may not have the time to spend lengthy preparations. By doing so, it still provide a great tasty flavor guaranteed to sustain a healthy appetite, and the end result is just as good - if not better.



Have fun and Enjoy!!!






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