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Spring is a nature way of saying ‘’celebrate’’ the land is awakening. Spring brings new life, temperature is mild and you can feel the freshness. Springtime is a heaven on earth renewal of something new, after a hard winter.

 Spring days are rejuvenating. After the stillness, quietness and coldness of winter, everything comes alive. We start to hear bird choirs chirping rushing around. Shoots perks up the ground. I get excited seeing all these buds popping out, first sign of spring flowers. Everything emerges in green.

 Unbelievable! I’m thrilled to the very edge of my heart, surrounding areas erupt in flowers. Vibrant flowers, vibrantly bloom in various bright colors of different size, shape and texture. Spring love is in the air. There is nothing like the smell of fresh flowers. I grasp some kind of peace, calmness and comfort when I’m surrounded by flowers. A visit to ‘’Keukenhof’’ flower park is worth a visit during spring, for its wondrous feast of flowers.

 Spring in Holland is spectacular. Hectares upon hectares of flower fields in a place called ‘’Lisse’’ (in Holland) has been known for its floral industry since the beginning of the last century. Fields are fully carpeted or fully covered with jaw-dropping drop-dead-gorgeous tulips and hyacinths (the heavenly sweet scents of hyacinths) in variety of colors.


Driving along or strolling along endless flower fields, I take my time to savor and soak-up its vibrant stunning beauty. I take a pause and contemplate the process of these flowers growth cleverly and creatively cultivated by flower and bulb growers. Indeed, an amazing experience. I’m mesmerized by its multitude of beauty.

 Everyone seems to be optimistic and upbeat during spring. I love, love, love spring. Time to put away woolen clothes, jacket, coat, scarf, hat and boots. Nothing feels better being able to walk outdoors than bare legs after a long winter and get in touch with femininity and sophistication.


Time for excitement of finally having to go out and choose any clothes I prefer. Once again I can wear comfy flowing cute skirts and stylish well-fitted dresses that are soft, light and airy and time to indulge myself wearing gorgeous ¾ pants, blouses and shirts in splash of bold bright colors to die for. Yeah, I love crisp white dresses, skirts, blouses, shirts and t-shirts.

 Soon beautiful springtime weather is going to end, being replaced with summer weather. Summer is on its way. I’m sending you a sunny summer day smile to brighten your day and lift your spirits up. Go out and enjoy a hearty summer coming your way.


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