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Summer ‘lovin’

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Summertime! Hot, hot, sunny, sunny sizzling summer. Much to do outdoors. Finally get rid of winter clothes for a couple of months. Time to wear summer dresses, skirts, cute cool tops, sunglasses and flip flops. Summer breeze hovers in a cloudless summer sky, sunbeams blazing fiercely upon me.

summer 2


Lots of outdoor activities and outdoor events to choose for. Hit amusement parks, trips to the beach or out in the pool. Seeing people swimming, surfing the tide, water ski, canoeing,  people dining relaxing just to kick back and relax at terraces, cafes and restaurants or having a picnic in the park.


Simply everyone knows how to relax on summer days. The city is alive during summer, I notice people are more friendly and chatty. Live bands takes place in the park, puts up organized events, shows and concerts in different cities during summer.


There are many nature reserve parks in Holland, therefore a lot of scheduled organized group trips of between 5 and 20 kilometers walk nationwide. Holland is packed with historical churches, castles and windmills, I can basically spend months trying to see them all.


Summer is in the air. Garden furniture nicely set-up and garden umbrella up. People enjoying brunch outside in their yard, either reading a book or just to sit back and relax. From near and far  hearing people having parties in their backyard and smelling the aroma of the tempting barbecue in neighbor’s backyard.


Nothing’s better in the summer than savor the refreshing veggie salad and the summer season fruits of cherries, strawberries, cranberries, peaches, pears, nectarines, plums and watermelons. Thoroughly, I have so much pleasure picking a bunch of grapes straight from our backyard grapevines.


There’s a lot of beauty and diversity, nature provide us with. The joy nature brings to those who wish to explore it. Reflect, think, meditate, contemplate, get away from distractions, enjoy, have fun while summer last.

Unfortunately beyond our control summer is almost over, summer fun will subside, summer flowers that bloom fade away, footprints in the sand are gone but the sound of the waves will linger on. Nature is an amazing rhyme and the seasonal change has its own splendid beauty. Can’t wait for the delights awaiting in autumn, where once again I can capture the beauty and vibrancy of autumn season


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