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Autumn Reflections





Autumn in Holland is so lovely and beautiful. Holland takes great pride in the preservation and conservation of nature reserve/forest reserve natural resources.






Entirely integrated the so-called “the institutionalism of nature policy” the foundation for preservation of natural resources. In broad picturesque sense, I visualize the ever-changing of four seasons natures energy phases. Somehow for whatever reason, the change of season thrills and fascinates me. Autumn arrival as I waved goodbye to departure of summer. The warmth summer sun is fading and for the next four months darkness commands footage (shorter daylight hours) for supremacy as we draw closer towards winter. The air is cleansing, the sign of autumn kicks in, noticeably cooler temperature progresses prepares for winter to set-in.  Enjoy the cooler chill and feel the brush of coolness in my skin outdoor, that means during my hourly 4x weekly  jog I don’t sweat as much as summer. 




Once again, I rediscover the joy and beauty of autumn. Awakening! Remind me of another inevitable year passing by. Autumn prepares me of the freezing winter ahead. Venturing out in nature reserve/forest reserve (clean, maintained and protected) with my hubby is one of our great highlights during autumn. In comparison, autumn smells like cinnamon spice. The lush of green walking trails, considering some of the trees like pine trees and the evergreens do not lose its leaves during autumn and winter.




Every leaf of every tree peak its pinnacle of beauty, as far as I can see, before losing its leaves completely. Trees are in festivity aglow in leaves of many colors. The shafts of sunlight pierced in-between trees in cascading scattered patterns as it glares ablaze into the leaves blazing rainbow colors. Amazing to see mapple trees, hollys (variety of young and older trees) wild flowers, ferns and plants, wild mushrooms in various sizes, shapes and colors growing in stumps and barks or growing wildly creeping in grounds unusual places, twigs, branches, hundreds of fallen acorns from oak trees, hedgehogs and variety of leaves leaching the grounds captured autumn perfectly. 




 The random brisk of wind makes boughs of heavy branches clinging to the trees sway. Amongst leaves rubbing sequence moves, whispering-weeping spontaneously, produced a symphony as the wind whips into it. The nourishing mist that blanket the trees. Hearing birds in chorus line chirping….honking in their own rhyme is truly fascinating and the gentle sigh of leaves in dazzling colors falling from trees in slow motion. Autumn leaves carpeting the ground, feel the crispy-crunch noise/sound as I walk through mantle of fallen leaves. Lakes in-between nature reserves, makes it even more fascinating. Serenity and seclusion are there created for everyone, yet so simple but full of tranquil solitude. 




I find delightful comfort walking through or driving through nature scenes, unending rows upon rows of trees lining the streets in foliage of fascinating colors. Splendid brilliance scenery of autumn amazes me. 




Change of season is a measure of time and continuance of life. For everything and anything there is a season, a reason for living for each of us to find. 




©Marilyn Ouano Gilsing (