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Every winter, the great reversal of natures creation, when we face freezing temperature head on. Truly adore the splendid wonders of winter, feel the refreshing brush of cold chill. Snow falling….wear warm cozy sweaters, winter coats/jackets, wrapped layers of scarves, gloves, stockings, hats and boots sums up winter. All bundled up, out I go.





Snow time usually falls mid-December as the coldest till late January and possibly mid-February. Snow, utterly lovely, sorrounding becomes ''winter wonderland''.The only hiccups about winter…. freezing cold but you can dress-up warm for it, shorter daylight, grey skies, garden looked so dull, damp, icy road, foggy, dark mornings,and bare bold trees with only evergreens remaining.





Winter is never a hindrance for me, still have the desire to go out, explore the mall (walk around) and do some shopping. I thoroughly enjoy nature walks with hubby to stay alive and active, to keep myself energized. Amount of people feel inactive during winter months. I totally get where they are coming from. Who feels like going out when it so cold out? For some people, with sub zero temperature and shorter daylight hours, slows down their motivation to workout. Rather stay indoors, end up feeling moody, miserable, restless, getting bored out of their minds and possibly gaining way too many pounds. I can’t confine myself indoors during winter, there is no excuse to just sit around curl up in a sofa and be a couch potato.





No need to feel trap in your homes weeks and months on end. Permit yourself to think otherwise. I have my most vivid memories as I recall ‘’winter’’ past with hubby and our daughters. Building snowmen and igloos surrounded by popsicles made out of snow, snowball fights, slow scary drives on icy slippery snow. The simplest memories give me the greatest glow, as I looked back all those years with celebration and gratitude.






A class of its own, vibrant brilliant white

Incredibly beautiful nature’s gifts

Winter’s ambience enhanced by snow, feed your spirit, heart and mind

 Unconquerable winter temperature is not ‘’remote controlled’’,

nor set in a timer auto control

Serves the whiners right,

Kept houses warm with central heating during winter, not

long ago complained about the heat in the summer

 Time for comfort and warmth, feel the structure

Of landscape lifeless bold bare branches

 With sadness, loneliness and tiredness

Pine trees needled evergreens, firs,

spruces, holly and hemlocks stay upbeat and alive.

Sequence scenes changes everywhere anywhere,

Snowfalls make whiteness

Eccentric beauty command to draw attention

Snow, snow, elegant snow, ice crystals fall from the sky

Down, down comes the soft silent snow

Dancing, flirting, teasing, inviting with delectable romanticism

 Fields, trees, branches covered with feathery flakes,

Adorning earth below spreading, sprinkle snow sugar flakes

Over the fields, over the trees, over the woods,

over the rooftop over the car and over the heads of people

passing by or you meet on the street

Everywhere….anywhere in complete whiteness

 Liked and loved snow, walk on fresh fallen snow

The squeaks, the crackle, the crunches, the sound, the whispers….

A soothing melody of soft Celtics music as I walked along mantled snow

Silence breaks….sounds I hear are footsteps I made myself.

Meditate, contemplate….reminisce it, savor it and enjoy

Nature’s Journey.





Ice skating, skiing, sledding etc. is a great outdoor family event, adults love it as much as kids do. What an excitement, lakes everywhere in Holland froze. The beauty of frozen lakes is unbelievably breathtaking.  I am mostly fascinated by the lakes in-between the nature reserves....  features entertainment, once frozen lakes transforms into an ice-skating rink. I love to walk on lakes that had been frozen for two weeks and savor the goodness of winter, in natures wonders.





Enjoy and Explore! Experience and Savor The Magnetism Beauty of Winter Season. Smile….Let it Snow! Winter leaps fast, before you knew it…. once again the return of spring, when everything is green and alive. Earth’s life story keeps going and  never dead.



©Marilyn Ouano Gilsing (