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Naga, Cebu Fiesta Celebration



Fiesta is a significant occasion in our beloved Naga, Cebu. Residents honor and dedicate the celebration with faith and devotion to the patron saint, Saint Francis De Assisi. Fiesta, a festive celebration, residents are overwhelmed with enthusiasm render recognition of this vital day, through the essence of family and friends getting together. Residents fully blast with energy to celebrate. A week prior to the two days of fiesta celebration, of October 9 and 10, residents in festive spirits are all out in the plaza by the bay-walk, some are out on the streets day and night. 





Continuous celebrations take place from the first to the tenth of October. The essential feature is the ten day events of fun and entertainment shows. The daytime varying events of motor-cross race, kayaking and boxing competitions. The night-time indoor (held in Naga, Cebu multi-cultural purpose complex building) and outdoor open-air entertainment of singing contest, best time for Naganians/Naganhons to show their hidden talent to the public. Bursting with pulse-quickening energy are the youth groups, showcase moves of hard-rock, hip-hop, pop-rock with tidbits of jazz, reggae and folk. Competitions are there for the taking. Thrill to watch! Also one of the highlight, the day of October 9, an open-air dance demonstrations in the plaza/park of all participating schools, dressed-up in fancy attires of various colors and styles fitted for the dance. They performed in large audience. Amazing to see groups of students performed synchronized moves. Definitely fun to watch and a ‘’must’’ to see worthy of your time.






Family members acquiring residency abroad made sure to be re-united with loved ones during this occasion. The much-loved special occasion is Fiesta and Christmas. Each year balikbayans choose either of the two special occasions. 





The pre-day preparation of fiesta celebration on the 9th of October (desperas) Finally, the awaited moment, final day of October 10 (kahugan) the high point of celebration. Overwhelmed with joy, residents are all nicely dressed from head to toe for this special occasion. A hearty-party day of partying, eat-all-you-can food laid or spread-out in the festive table, to enlighten your taste buds. Be prepared though, usually a long-lost-distant family member or long-lost-friend will appear on your door-step, claiming to be your family or friend in-order to get a meal (mamista) why not? Residents are invaded with the magical word “FIESTA’’, large number of people from nearby cities, towns and small villages have grown accustomed coming to Naga, to take part and be a part of the in-crowd celebration. Make sure not to miss the spectacular fireworks displays on the eve of the 10th of October. 





Fiesta is a nationwide all year celebration all-throughout the Philippines. Patron saints celebrations designated in certain date of the month each year, wherein major cities, towns and small villages, celebrate their own fiesta. You will experience diverse folk festivals of dance, rooted from the country’s history. Traditional dance retained for decades are brought to public. The awareness of preserving customs, cultures and traditions, has been handed for generations.  





Naga, Cebu Fiesta Celebration will continually shine. It will prevail and keeps getting better and better each year. One more thing though, do not forget to grace your gracious smile on this unforgettable occasion.  Viva! Saint Francis De Assisi!! 





Pictures of fiesta, was taken last year, courtesy of Mrs. Bybie O. Breuer, timely in Naga, Cebu for the Fiesta Celebration. She acquired her residency in New Zealand for more than 20 years.

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