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Recreational Park


Cherished by the community, we Naganians take great pride of is the Naga, Cebu plaza by the Baywalk . Community plaza holds milestones of events over the years. A venue of open air entertainment events such as:  Fiesta, Christmas, New Year, Naga-Sinulog and Historical events.





The community is fortunate to have a majestic setting of the plaza by the Baywalk, along the shorelines overlooking the bay. Adjacent within the plaza is the municipality and the multi recreational complex building (venue for indoor special events) in the vicinity nearby just across the main road, is the Saint Francis Catholic Church and Sienna School of Naga. Within the plaza, only footsteps apart from each other are the internet cafes, snack bar, pizza place. Stones-throw away from it, food and refreshment kiosks and fresh home-cooked-style barbecue stalls of your choice are available. Not forgetting meters away across the plaza on the main road is the Orange Brutus, if you fancy a quick meal of burger, pasta, spaghetti and the list goes on.  The reclaimed land at the back of the municipality transformed the plaza into a much larger area. An idyllic place for fitness fanatic, depending on a day, between 5:30 and 6:30 early morning numbers of people jog, stroll, walkathon or walk at slow pace. The place is quite popular amongst couples, family and friends who are all set to start their day the healthy way. 




A meeting point of social and recreational activities is the park by the baywalk, where people come together. If your line of sports is tennis and badminton to challenge an opponent, a tennis court and a badminton court is available right at the heart of the plaza. You can even enjoy the magnificent sunrise and sunset from the sea by the baywalk. A great ideal place to sit back, relax and have a good time. A perfect setting for a get-together picnics with family, friends and acquaintances. Best time is dinnertime, it is nice and cool.





Naga, Cebu  plaza is a significant place for the community. Usually busy on weekends. During the most anticipated event of the year which is Fiesta along with Christmas and New Year celebration,  the plaza is clogged with the coming and going of people. However, normalcy is observed amongst the crowd of people. Fiesta’s non-stop daily nine day events of fun & entertainment right up to 9th and 10th of October (desperas and kahugan celebrations) One particular highlight is the  daytime water sports competition of kayaking and power boat competition, along the shorelines by the baywalk.  We were there Christmas 2008/New Year 2009, a spectacular nine day event of night-time entertainment. Variety shows in performances live on stage. Prior to the dawn mass (misa de gallo) there was this particular night that stood out for me, “the rap night competition”,  an event organized by youth clubs. Participating competitors came from San Fernando,  Carcar, Minglanilla, Pardo, Tabunok, Talisay and last but not least the youth rap group of our very own home city. Some of these places I mentioned, have two teams competing. As to why I consider it the best event of the night? For a reason competition like this require precise teamwork of synchronicity and fluidity, in order to perfectly in-sync as a team. Therefore, to present a perfect performance requires a lot of energy, time, effort and many hours of repeated practice rehearsals.  






The “Dagitab” night competition also falls in the same category. After all prize money is at stake for the first three winning teams. The plaza is clogged during these occasions, where people from all walks of life, from various places come to Naga, not only to compete but to celebrate as well.





 Each year displays of Christmas decorations are everywhere all over the plaza. It is definitely the season of lights. The Christmas Season is an occasion you don’t want to miss. The illuminated plaza dazzles with colorful series of lights at night. In the mood and groove of creativity packed with ideas, companies, business establishments and schools that are housed in our home city are required to show their masterpiece creation and set-it-up for a public display in the plaza. A vibrant Christmas showcase (decorations) can be made in any type of raw materials imaginable that you can think of, making and creating it into a unique appealing showcase. Naga, Cebu residents are definitely in the yuletide spirits. The plaza has come a long way. The well-kept-well-landscaped park full of various trees, shrubs and plants adds beauty to the place. The recreational plaza comes alive and vibrant at night when lights illuminate the baywalk. 



In melancholy thoughts, the minute I sit at baywalk benches enjoying the cool sea breeze of wind and sun, palm trees swaying and seeing happy people passing by, while watching the rhythmic spiral waves hitting the concrete wall. The sound of the waves is like a music lingering in my ears, has a lullaby effect on me as my eyes drift the bay, an embodiment of perfection. 

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