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Published: Tuesday, 20 November 2018 11:01
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Everything in life, no matter where you live, circumstances vary from country to country. Some people complain about circumstances beyond their control. This topic applies to foreigners contemplating a first time trip to the Philippines.  Also applies to Filipinos who acquired residency abroad and are planning a trip to our homeland Philippines for a holiday or extended stay. 




Well, what I have to say is truly based on my brief conversations with fellow countrymen I met on the plane and in the departure lounge during our yearly trip to the Philippines. Some (not all) are whining about the warm weather in the Philippines. Having been away from the Philippines for a long period of time, their biggest worry is not being able to adjust the warm weather. Somehow they cannot handle it anymore. I am utterly shocked upon hearing these ridiculous remarks. 


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Undoubtedly you will encounter some balikbayans whining about the warm weather or any other unnecessary complaints about our beloved country. Forgotten where they came from? Having been living overseas for quite some time did not do any good. Somehow, they (not all) became superior. Their superficial flaws surfaced out of nowhere.




The truth of the matter is, we are just not used to it anymore. The fear of getting sick (colds or runny noses) makes us notice that we have to get acclimatized. Personally warm weather only bothers me the first week after arrival. An adjustment period which is understandable. Smack-in-the-middle of winter in Netherlands, we usually leave for the Philippines.




From freezing winter in Holland to the warmth in the Philippines, such a sudden change can have drastic consequences. The first couple of days are the hardest. It seems that the heat from the sun scorches my skin. I start the process of getting acclimatized by venturing out and doing short errands.  Staying too long in air conditioned accommodations and air-conditioned shopping malls for hours, then suddenly step-out into the warm temperature outside, the common cause of catching a cold. I am amazed with my hubby Ben, although I see him sweating during our walks, he never ever complains about the heat. He seems perfectly fine with it.




Realistically, I learned to accept / adapt to it within a week. I am glad to have rosy cheeks and a nice tan, the natural way from the goodness of nature’s wonders. Make your holiday pleasurable. Explore the captivating beauty of a clean well-kept white sandy beaches, while enjoying the breathtaking picturesque sceneries. A refreshing place to reflect a soothing sense of peace, calmness and tranquility. 




The beauty of the Philippines is the warm weather all year round. I wonder how Filipinos have managed living in a warm weather all their lives and still manage to give us their warm sunny smile. Having to wake up each day with the promise of sunshine is glorious. Be inspired with the contrast of nature's heaven on earth experience of warm sunny days. Hmmm, a clear sunny day usually is also the promise of a heavenly night with a sky full of stars and a moon that lights up the dark horizon. Take a grip of reality. Simply, don’t whine and whimper over things you have no control over. Enjoy the warm sunshine, go out and venture out while you can. Time passes by quickly before your eyes, before long the duration of your stay is over. Soon it will be time to go back home and enjoy the cold winter months.  


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