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Naga Cebu Municipality


Amongst the landmarks of Naga, Cebu is the structure of the old Municipal Hall. This building has been renovated and extended several times in the past. The Municipal Hall has served a lot of purposes to the community. It will continously serve its purpose in the future. The initial plan is transform the municipality building into a community museum and library. 




Another landmark is the Saint Francis Catholic Church that dates back to the 17th century. Remarkably a lot of people living in Naga,Cebu still go to church every day for a moment of solitude. Naga, Cebu community are united with faith. On Sundays the church is filled to capacity with churchgoers.



A new Municipal building is currently under construction. It is being built in the back of the existing Municipal hall. Once fully operational the work will begin on refurbishing the old  Municipal hall. The initial plan is to transform the existing municipality into a community museum and library. We will keep you posted with the progress of the construction and the layout of the building. 



town hall

May 16, 2009 Photo courtesy of Mr. Tiny Alferez.


town hall

May 16,2009 Photo courtesy of Mr. Tiny Alferez.


The three hectares fully operational port at the back of the municipality will be expanded to six hectares to be able to facilitate the incoming and outgoing cargo (coal and cement) and to further accomodate a passenger terminal for inter island ferries. 





Strategies for up and coming projects to be implemented take time as there are a lot of contributing factors. One of the biggest contributing factors is the funding of projects. For that we are largely dependent on government subsidies.



The development in Naga,Cebu over the last few years has been staggering. Our beloved Naga is heading towards a promising, progressive community that "we" all can be proud of. We have to congratulate Naga,Cebu for its great achievements.


Naga,Cebu....The Place To Be, has really taken off.



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