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Published: Tuesday, 20 November 2018 11:05
Written by Marilyn
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May month, is a month that I’ll keep. Marilyn and Ben’s 28th wedding anniversary. Well, it is almost a year since Ben posted a message for me in the forum, regarding our marriage. Likewise, I will do exactly the same, as I dedicate this surprise message for him.

 I convey my heartfelt compliment to my husband Ben. Our love  the essence, the pulse and the allure of our life. I love you and appreciate you. All these years, you’re my rock. As to why our marriage lasted? Here are my top 10 reasons, direct from my heart interpretation of my life with you. 

Ben, this is for you:


 1. Heartily we take care of each other with love, warmth, kindness and understanding.

 2. Faithfully believe in our blazing love for each other.

 3. Mutually trusting each other wholeheartedly through thick and thin.

 4. Obligations to stand by each other, in all areas of challenges, adversities and frustrations.

 5.  Reciprocate interactions of shared thoughts whatever circumstances.

 6. Depend on each other’s commitment with utmost respect.

 7. Preserve our unique insights to strengthen our marriage.

 8. Equally, we treat each other fairly throughout the journey of our marriage.

 9. Capture and captivate each other’s heart, because we make each other feel special.

10. Together we build our marriage, flourish and nourish it with love and respect.


My realization, throughout our journey of 28 years, that we are meant for each other. Time and life experience will do that. We are better equipped, prepared and willing to support each other’s needs, to preserve and persevere what is truly important to us. We remain faithful and fully commit to each other, to reach high peaks of contentment and fulfillment in our marriage.

You remind me that part of human existence, each one of us will go through compounded setbacks and frustration at some point in our lives. But with great confidence, you told me that I have this inner-strength and dose of courage, that no matter what circumstances that may arise at some point in our life, I am capable to rise above it, reach down the core and face it head on. Your constant encouragement transcends anything and everything.

On weekends, you always made the effort to cook your personalized menu just to give me a break. So thoughtful of you and I’m grateful. You share the responsibility of household chores if and when you have the time. You surprise me with unexpected well-thought gifts out of nowhere. It is not how you say it but the way you said it, when I walk out of the room nicely dressed-up when we go out. My heart beats faster with excitement and my stomach tingles with joy, every time you tell me, that you love me and every phone call always ends up with I love you. Our greatest source of connection is our special time of spending time together, by doing things together at all times. Such as: doing the grocery together, going out to the city together , go to garden centers together, going to home and building supplies together, our walks together makes our time special. We grab lots of moments together, just to be with each other, either a chat, snuggle or a cuddle while watching movies or mindless television shows. I’d rather hang around with you than with anyone else.

Ben, your love for me is constant and never wavers. You are one-of-a kind husband and a terrific father to our daughters. You make me feel valued. You’ve shown me, that I’m worthy to be loved. You’re my husband, companion and a friend all-wrapped-up into one. You express your love for me in words and kind gestures .Your “I want to be with you forever” whispers in my ears, still makes me feel like I’m 16 years young. My sense of humor out of the blue, no courtesy laughter when we giggle and laugh out loud because you get my sense of humor. Ben’s enthusiastic spirit, have made me look at life with enthusiasm.


So far, we meet our goals and aspirations that fills-up the kind of life we want. Preferably we designate step-by-step ways, to move closer to our goals into a success. These goals of ours psyche us up and energize us, to take an in-depth look towards the kind of life we want. I appreciate and acknowledge the Blessings that existed in our life right now. Beaming with joy, I’m enormously thankful and happy for the property we acquire. Contentment is richness in our lives.



I can’t imagine doing anything that would disrespect the commitment we have in our marriage and I can’t imagine doing anything that would disrespect you. This thought fluids my mind, feeling in love with Ben, “one” so perfect for me. Our marriage is worth living and worth sharing. I can’t say enough good things about Ben, whom I love dearly. Being in love and staying in love help us raise our daughters of great character.







Throughout our journey of 28 years, I know for sure we love each other. We are what marriage is all about “for better or for worse”. We are from the marriage phrases or marriage vows that say, “Happily ever after”.

I LOVE YOU, such a simple three words, but mean so much to me on our 28th wedding anniversary. I have faith in “us” no matter what.




CONGRATULATIONS!!  And CHEERS!! To both of us.


Love forever,





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