Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves


Leaves while green playful, fully alert
Swinging dancing swiftly
Proudly in the air, as they fade
In contrast of colors holding onto
Branches, they lose their vitality
Felt tired, lazy, bored, lonely losing interest
Felt drowsy, dizzy, impatient, restless, mellow
Falling, falling no longer gives us shades
Came down fluttering decide to settle
Down the ground piling on roadside, carried by wind
In massive force, gangs of them in full convention
Delegate themselves in designated places of their choice
On every patch of the ground, sidewalks,
Alley, hedges, benches, on top of the roof and hood of the car,
They are unstoppable, as they scatter loitering everywhere
In parks, as I sit on the bench, I notice some leaves blow past me
Some stop briefly, while some on halt lay flat on the grass
Bright-brilliant reds, orange, yellow, brown and vibrant gold
Such shimmering beauty placed there for a purpose
Quietly smile come across my face, as I crunch the crisp leaves
Beneath my feet, leaves quietness and silence wins me for sympathy
Lovely green leaves fades in feast of bright colors, a charm of their own
Make no apologies work is done
No borders, no set time not knowing where they end.
THe transformation when leaves fell from the trees and branches are bare.


Autumn leaves carpeting the ground. Feel the crispy-crunch as I walk through mantle of leaves.


Daylight goes by so quickly. The melancholy of quietness makes me think of life's journey.


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