Cultivate Life, Grow Nature In Oneself



Nature Reserve is nature preserve overflowing with beauty and diversity where we all can venture out to explore and expand oneself onto the canvas harmony of the untouched environment. In a meditative frame of mind, undistracted, feeling and feeding our mind with the earthly contrasts of the ‘’wonders of God’s creation is a defining moment.




Time spent in a ‘’nature reserve’’ in the natural world has so many benefits.  A place where you are encouraged to fortify your mind and achieve clarity of restless thoughts, a breath of fresh air, silence, peace, calmness, solitude and tranquility spills out purity and spiritually. When animals break the silence, especially when birds passionately start chirping/singing with the soul-touching rhyme, the entire surrounding around me erupt in melody.




See/watch the horizons  in multidimensional scenes of natural energetic power saturated with unspeakable beauty. Nature Reserve consists of multitude of living beings, trees, shrubs, plants, flowers and lakes in-between the forest. It is truly fascinating. Wildlife animals, trees, plants, flowers are living beings too. Souls live in them, like they do in ours.




Nature walking, out to enjoy nature, leaving civilization behind to go for a wilderness walk or hike to enjoy the splendid beauty, creativity and variety of ‘’mother nature’s creation’’ in the natural world. Nature is always in trend and never goes out of style. The universal elements of fresh air and the experience of the 5 senses all at once in one place is exhilarating.




Immensely enjoyable, spotting countless edible berries, it fills my eyes up. Picking/harvesting blueberries along the way, variety of trees in all shapes, sizes and structure, a place where you come to appreciate the little simple things that will entirely rejuvenate your whole being completely.



To unwind, as much as I can I take long nature walk with hubby.  Our one-on-one quality time without any disturbance, ‘’nature’’ is company enough for us. Me, the wanderer and the observer, I think of nature as subtle magnetism, a welcoming place, if I will only immerse and saturate into it will yield something from it deep within our soul.




With invention and innovation of technology some have forgotten to cherish the true beauty of the world that nature has to offer. Venture out….go out for a walk or hike. Dwell among the beauty and mysteries of the earth. Enjoy the journey. Communicate with ‘’nature’’ open your eyes, look deep into it, feel it, give it a thought and listen to the response nature has in store for you. Immerse into it….tune into it….only then you will understand everything better.





 © Marilyn Gilsing


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