Ending 2020

The Netherlands (or Holland) Post. Ending 2020!
January, was awesome! spending quality time with family is a must. Daughter's immeasurable love-care-thoughts is constant.Both are intelligent and smart. I love them equally.
February, was great! us family, we make sure we make time & find time for each other. I have so much fun with my smart granddaughter, we share lots of smile, laughter and intelellectual learning. Towards last week of February in Philippines for an extended vacation till first week of April.
March, we did almost 2 weeks renovations inside the house. Not long after coronavirus hits the roof. Literally from weeks to months everything changed. Nationwide in Philippines are all on home quarantine.
April, May and June- Stranded, lockdown, home quarantine. Such a challenge! We followed all the safety measures to keep ourselves safe. The social distancing, No Quarantine Pass-No Mask-No ID-No Entry gotten used to it. My once a week weekly routine to do my errands on scheduled days. I'm thinking all along not being able to go anywhere, absolutely not a big deal. On the contrary it's a big deal! quite frustrating. Home quarantine for months we spent a fair amount of time reading, watching documentaries, concert music videos and movie marathon nights. To occupy my time, daytime on weekdays I usually do my household chores and gardening. Really frustrated we had a scheduled flight back to Holland first week of April but our flight was cancelled as the airport is closed. A lot of info and announcements for everyone stranded abroad that says "Go Home or You Might Not Be Able To Go Home'' How? Three different airlines cancelled our flights meaning to say we re-booked three times because of coronavirus lockdown. To secure a flight is an "Uphill Battle" for us. Also if we manage to secure a flight there is a lockdown, would also mean we have to go through 4 checkpoints from City of Naga to Mactan International Airport. So thankful City of Naga vip is willing to help us to have a police escort so we can go through 4 checkpoints. Also we rang the Dutch Embassy who wants to help all the Dutch citizens from Holland and arranged an authorized vehicle to pick-us-up and take us to the airport. Finally last week of July we had a confirmed scheduled flight, huge thank you to daughter's tlc securing the best flight for us. Fast forward we made our way to Mactan International Airport and NAIA. Flying in the midst of covid-19 pandemic I was quite scared. My anxiety turned into ''awe'' when we arrived in the airport. I have never seen an airport so quiet and practically deserted. Strange! bustling airport turned into a ghostairport. Gone in the airport are hundreds upon hundreds of people up and about in congested areas, check-in halls long queues. Strange walking passed empty gate lounges, retail stores, restaurants and fastfoods all are all closed. Scanning luggages is a breeze. Huge reality check for me, I then realized our flight is the only one leaving returning as many Dutch nationals home as possible. Less than 50% passenger capacity inside the plane is haunting. To ensure safety passengers and flight crew minimize contact. They served dinner on flight, from there on flight crew handed a snap-zip-lock bag to every passenger, inside are snacks, fruits and drinks. Can you imagine all passengers and KLM flight crew wearing mask for 16 hours long? We all did. KLM flight went smoothly and we landed safely and once again the familiar Schiphol Airport. The most awaited moment, seeing my family's happy faces brighten our day. I then look up the horizon and talk to my heavenly friend and say *thank you* for all the blessings and good health.
August till today, December 31 2020,  the usual experiences and challenges of social distancing and wearing mask out here in the Netherlands.  From 2nd week of December 2020 until January 17, 2021 nationwide only two visitors allowed per household per day and everything is closed. Only supermarkets and pharmacies are open but some people prefer online grocery shopping and have it delivered at home. Countries in Europe are on lockdown, all borders are closed. Coronavirus is still a threat. To top it off to make matters worse coronavirus mutated into a covid strain or new strain. Year 2020 has been hard and difficult for all of us. Coronavirus impact worlwide. Let's all start afresh, we will all continue to hope, wish, and persevere for a brighter promising 2021 which is Coronavirus Free.
We are entering New Year 2021 Cheers To Us All

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