Family Dynamics

Splendid loved ones family dynamics. I navigate my inner gps smoothly and my compass to sail swiftly..Family's love-care-thoughts weighs heavily. Astonishingly over the years, a stunning breakthrough in knowledge, experiences and clarity of life. If out of nowhere stuffs may haze the bright I'm capable to take iniative and maneuver through it. I'm tenaciously driven with strength, courage, focus and remain to stay on track. I have amazing family who make me feel special. Brand-new addition to the family, our clever pretty red-ginger-hair blue eyes granddaughter who give us all immeasurable sweet smiles, laughter and countless fun. So challenging teaching my granddaughter educational & intellectual learning. I'm surrounded with family who knows the real me and who I am. I don't exist to prove myself to anyone, be praise, admire and like. I am me, I know who I am, the best way to express my existence. Their efforts and love-care-thoughts is huge. I am thankful and grateful each and everyday for their presence in my life.  Once again, I look up the horizon and talk to my heavenly friend and say ''thank you for everything.


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