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Stranded Abroad During Coronavirus Pandemic



In Philippines visiting for intended stay of 6 weeks. Within 2 weeks in Philippines coronavirus started to get serious. Literally from weeks to months everything has changed. Suspension of international flights was happening and we’re helpless. For everyone who are stranded you are all well-aware about the scenario. Coronavirus pandemic has shut down borders and canceled flights across the globe. All home quarantine efforts implemented worldwide have left tens of thousands of people stranded overseas. Me and hubby been having a lot of info, announcements and messages has gone for everyone stranded abroad that says “Go Home Now or You Might Not Be Able To Come Home”. How? Airlines canceled our flights 3 times  meaning to say we rebooked 3 times. We called our embassy and emailed them but no response because of coronavirus lockdown no one in the office to answer your call. Not long after you’ll get a response but they’re all automated. To Get a Flight is an Uphill Battle for us. With very few repatriation flights taking off tens of thousands of people worldwide are stuck with little information from embassies about how people are supposed to go back to their country of origin.

Nationwide in Philippines residences are all on home quarantine. Nagahanons (City of Naga residents) followed rules and regulations, lockdown on Sundays, restaurants closed for months,  supermarkets and shops close at 5 in the afternoon and curfew hours. Weird not to see any children playing around and city became a ghost town during Sundays lockdown. Me and hubby follow the safety measures to keep ourselves safe. The social distancing No Mask-No Home Quarantine Pass-No ID-No Entry gotten used to it. My once a week weekly routine to do the errands on scheduled days, my usual routine to go to the market to get fresh fruits and veges. To Savemore supermarket for our grocery and if queue is long to save time I’d rather go to 7 eleven or ultramart. My fear of standing close to someone because of coronavirus, I can’t help it, let’s face it coronavirus shook the world in fear. Right after my shopping I then proceed home. Once I get home take a shower and wash all my clothes I wore while out doing errands. Lockdown on Sundays has been extended few times. I’m thinking all along, not being able to go anywhere absolutely no big deal. On the contrary it’s a big deal, quite frustrating.

Residents on home quarantine for months. Me and hubby spend a fair amount of time watching concert music videos, documentary and enjoyed movie marathon nights. Love like my home and home garden in the Philippines. To occupy my hours I spend a lot of time taking care of our home and a lot of time gardening with our crew upgrading and giving garden a new look. Happy that I was able to jog at the baywalk on scheduled days. You can’t simply sit at home and be a couch potato. I badly need my exercise and keep moving. I look up the horizon and talk to my heavenly friend ‘’thank you for my blessing and good health.

I came to realization 2 months ago we really need to go back home, we have a family to get back home to. Stressing, on time like this is filled with so much uncertainty, we just want to be close to our family-to see our family and be near our family. . FINALLY a scheduled confirmed flight. Thank you daughters ’my daughter for all your continuous effort securing the best available flight for us. Looking forward to our tears of happiness and tight long hug when we see each other. See you all soon ‘’puhon”. To God Be the Glory!