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Naga Cebu, My Roots




From the first week of December 2008 until the first week of February 2009. We went home for a long deserved holiday. The minute the plane touched down on Mactan airport I got this overwhelming feeling of being home. This feeling increased as we got closer to Naga.


Naga Cebu, the place I was born and raised. The cheerfulness of the people, the cammaraderie amongst friends and fellow Naganians is the first thing I noticed. It was such a joy walking through the streets that I'm familiar of, ran and played as a kid, the streets I walked through day-in and day-out during my early years. Memories surfaced of my day-to-day contact with family, friends, classmates and acquaintances, some are like me residing in faraway places. 


The friendly, smiley folks you meet along the way, the well-mannered politeness and respectfulness of the children, (I salute to the parents for their way of upbringing), the rich culture and totally different lifestyle then the one I have grown accustomed to never ceases to impress me. 


As I wander the streets, doing my errands, I met up with old friends and classmates that actually took out time to talk with me, joke around and reminisced about times we had long ago. I also see people I'm familiar with, but with the changes of their looks over the years you tend to forget who they are, but I remember them within minutes into our conversation. I soon realized, I wasn't the kid on the block anymore twenty-eight years ago. I visited Naga Central Elementary School (brings out the kid in me again) and Naga National High School. Standing in front of the two school buildings, staring at them for a few minutes I found myself talking to the inner ME, saying: Yes!! I enjoyed every moment of the years I spent here. 


Naga, Cebu, My Roots, the place that gives me a sense of identity will always be a special place for me.

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