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Morning Glory



Viewing the sunrise and  sunset in the Philippines is a unique experience, a wonderful way to start and finish your day. The vibrant colorful colors of sunrise light up the horizon, promising a bright clear sunny day with bright blue sky. I am fascinated with the breathtaking sunrise on a cloudless morning. I took the following pictures of the sunrise from the terrace. 




The anticipation that awaits me on a newborn day is the sunrise in rays of colors ablaze with the intense glowing colors of deep golden red to light red as the largest wavelength of color of all visible color formations. The contrast of yellow and orange, the touch of grey and purple and the shades of blue. Simply amazing, I am mesmerized. It stimulates my eyes and soothes my mind.





As the day breaks, morning glory breaks out with a sunrise. I have been enjoying the splendid sunrise each day from the terrace of our vacation house. We are lucky to have a vacation house on a slightly elevated property on a quiet, peaceful location. It is relaxing and the serenity gives us peace of mind. Another way to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. A prime setting to savor the cool breeze of fresh air while catching a glimpse of the sunrise. 





Thanks to the roosters symphony of systematic orchestrated wake-up calls from afar, between 4:30 and 5:30 in the morning I was able to wake up in time, not to miss a single sunrise. 





Naga, Cebu plaza along the baywalk is also an ideal idyllic place to enjoy the magnificent sunrise and sunset. It is a perfect spot for some awesome shots of the sunrise, if your hobby is photography. Do not miss the opportunity to take fantastic inspiring pictures when the light rays and colors reflect from the water. 


Impressive, do not miss it. 


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